status Full Critic Review for Koombiyo Television Show

I’ve posted before my early thoughts about this show on IMDb as a spoiler free review and Thanks anyone who read it. this is my final review for the show. I had to watch the entire series to write a complete review because as I said before in my previous review, It’s not a wise thing to make a review about a TV show before watching the entire series. so I’m going to be very honest about it. this is a spoiler fill review and is there anyone reading this before watching it, please go, and watch this show before reading this.

I read lots of reviews and thoughts about this show, online and for now “Koombiyo” is the Highest rated TV show of the entire world with nearly 13000 votes. I saw lots of people compare Braking Bad and Koombiyo in very early telecasting. that’s just ridiculous. because I think it’s THE Best Drama Series ever made in the world; Highest Rated TV show over 8 years. still got a 4th place receiving nearly 1.1 Million votes. but I’m not saying Koombiyo isn’t good. It’s an amazing TV show specially time like this in Sri Lanka. let’s be honest guys. I’m saying it’s just slightly overrated. In my opinion, it’s a good show with some flaws.

Firstly, I had a lot of fun with this show. but there are some flaws and there are some good moments. let’s look into the story. it’s beginning with Priyantha came to the city and met Jehan on the bus. after a little chat with these two, Jehan decides to gave job opportunity for Priyantha. while the first act when Jehan and Priyantha first met, Jehan introduced to Priyantha, about his so called business “Purchasing Lanka International” (Episode 1-3) and after a couple episodes later this business has fallen and the end of that business they decided to start a “Magazine Business” (Episode 5-8) to earn some money for make living. and after that they setup lot of story elements. almost PI work for Jehan’s old university friend, giving criminal advices and plans for Austin and Padmakumara Kasthuri Case etc. there are lots of plot twists for almost 16 episodes. why? just a setup for Jehan’s character. to tell us who he really is.

20th Episode (Surprise Episode) is one of the most disappointing episodes of the entire series. Besides, I think the relationship between Hiruni and Jehan is completely drag to the story and it’s kind of pointless to the end. they didn’t really break up or anything. they had a little fight in the 43rd episode. but the problem is the storyteller aka director or screenwriter didn’t exactly told us whether they broke up or not. I honestly hoped how Hiruni react while Jehan in Jail and how it’ll change their lives or their relationship and chemistry between these two. and Nothing?! but Hiruni’s character completely disappeared from the show. that’s a one of major disappointment for me. if you think about that very carefully what they did with these two, it’s mostly like Breaking Bad’s Walter White and his wife Skyler’s character. but it’s not really working for this show.

After lots of plot twists and turns, they step by step moved to Sri Lanka’s favorite cheesy political drama (Episode 19- 57) story. That is the thing I hate about current Sri Lanka’s movies and TV shows mostly. It’s all contained with cheesy political dramas. it’s just really exhausted to watch. why screenwriters can’t think of any other stories, outside politics or cheesy romantic stories. at least this show has some crime-drama elements, but only for some episodes. that’s kind of big win for this show.

another thing is they set up another plot twist to the story about “Software Development” project. I actually really excited about it early and think about what is Jehan going do with this software. how it’s effect to his plan, etc. but eventually it’s completely for nothing. completely irrelevant to the story. it’s just another way to earn money for Jehan. I think men like Jehan doesn’t have to develop software to make some money. Even he explains through final episodes about his master plan, he secretly working for Minister Maldeniya and he already payed advanced payment to Jehan for execute his plan and extra expenses.

My biggest problem for the show is Ausin’s death. Ausin Assassinated by local thug named “Barala”. The main reason for his assassin is the feud between these two gangs. at that point we do not care about exact reasons. because that’s the nature of these kind of situations. but Jehan explains to us at the final episodes, he’s the one who “made” Balara. he literally made the Barala and his entire gang in the criminal underworld. and they work FOR Jehan. but there are serious feuds going on and on between Barala’s gang and Austin’s gang. even their people killed each other. my point is If Barala working for Jehan, he had every power to stop feuding between these two gang members. and save an Autin’s life. just think about it. It doesn’t match with the story Jehan finally telling us. It seems he planned Autin’s death in the first place.

Another thing is Jehan’s arresting scene. It’s a great scene, I know that. but if you think about that little bit more, You can understand that, “brainiac” like Jehan should’ve better escape plan than go hide in a village side of the country. but he also said in previous episode he has only two options in this game. either get assassinated or being arrested. according to that situation I don’t think it’s a bad point for the show. but anyway I think Jehan’s Jail scene isn’t necessary because of Hiruni is also completely out of the picture. and it has some phasing issues. It’s like they made those scenes to just fast forward story time-line to the future. for me it makes no sense.

my final point to the screenplay is, it’s too long. The final explanation of the Jehan’s master plan is also a drag and sometimes boring to watch. I mean flashbacks are really long. usually flashbacks should be short and sweet. this TV show content with 57 episodes. I think it’s very long amount of episodes for this kind of genre show. I never thought I had to say this. but it’s finally wind up as political thriller drama. not a crime-drama series, as it began. just a political drama with lot of story elements among with some crime-drama elements.

let’s talk about the cast and crew real quick. Thumindu Dodantanna always did his best job of portraying as Jehan’s character. as well as Kalana Gunasekara portrays Priyantha. Peter D’almaida who portrays as Maldeniya is also doing a great job his first class acting gives strong depth to his character. Andrew Pulle portrays Tiran, is not my favorite. his acting is just fine. his Sinhalese accent isn’t perfect. sometimes his dialogs hard to listen. 60% of people’s dialog reading aren’t much good. most of the dialogs are really hard to listen with noisy background sounds. sometimes I barely understood what they said.

The cinematography is excellent as always. directing, lighting, editing, score, sound mixing is okay. sometimes an episode splits for commercial breaks doesn’t sync with the soundtrack. The production design is also okay. but could’ve been better. There are some rookie mistake(s) in a couple episodes while post production. I don’t care for them very much. because, even American TV shows have that kind of a mistake(s). If you want to see those, you can find them on YouTube.

The final episode is fairly better than I thought how it would be. my biggest problem of the final episode, how the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, his secretary and his bodyguard receiving phone calls from Jehan’s associates exactly same moment PM’s bodyguard grab his gun and point to Jehan’s head. even they’re in a highly secure area. and Jehan can’t communicate with his people outside. that’s one of the mysteries they left behind.

The majority of people doesn’t care about that. for them (mostly general audience) it’s the best drama series ever made in Sri Lanka. I hope there’s no second season or something. because this finale looks like mostly improvised and it’s almost perfect with that cliffhanger. there’s no need to drag this story any further.

Finally, It took me nearly five days to wrap this up. because I had to watch a couple episodes again and I did not remember what happened exactly earlier on. and this how I really felt about this show. I had great fun watching this. but I had to be honest, that’s why I talked about real issues of this show instead of a giving 10/10 score like other people. and I know It’s a good show. It’s been a while Sri Lankan television channel telecast our own original unique product. but it had some flaws. as well as some really good moments. so I’m gonna give Koombiyo for 50 50 chance. and it’s 5/10. Thank You very much for you guys, for spending time to read my review. Have a nice day!

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